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Current Music:dashboard-screaming infedilities
Time:06:47 pm


add me =o)

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Current Music:fuck you
Subject:fuck all of you
Time:02:53 pm
i really hate how everyone is acting lately. no one will hear anyones side of the story. no one will work it out. so all we do is fight. and everyone thinks their so right on their side of the story. well were not. im not right in everything that i thought was going on and either is anyone else who has to do with this little show. its ridiculous. and im sickened by the fact that courtney just syas okay well i know im right and your wrong so im done now. ohh i dont want to fight. please. miss brick wall. im sick of your game. and im sick of my game. im honestly sick of it all. so i guess we cant work anything out. so i guess this is how its going to end. well since courtney wants it that way we might as well give it to her because its worthless fighting when she dosent want to hear our opinion. so fine. let it be.
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Time:05:24 pm
i want to. i do. i thought about it and i want to. tia i wish you would of said something.

damn it. damn it. damn it.
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Current Music:u2- one
Subject:one love
Time:03:36 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
school was great today. it really was. i guess it was just a good day. and then we had a swimming meeeting and then things..started happening.

so heres what went down. FROM MY PERSPECTIVE.

me and tia were walking back to my moms house. and courtney and val and some kid were walking behind us. so they yell "ew" at us or some shit. so we get to my house. and so my mom me and tia are standing outside. and im like mom wait so you could see her hair. so she walks by. and then i yell orange. so she yells pothead. and then tia yells bullimic. and then she yells fatty. so i walk to the end of my drivway. and then i can hear her walking to me. and shes walking towards me. and i have my cat in my arms. and shes like lets do it. you wanna fight. lets fight. im like you wanna fight. i look down at her and im like you really want to fight? while i have sam in my hands. and then she starts talking..haha.

so then she starts saying all this stuff how i shouldnt call her bellimic. and im like yeah ill say what i want and how val helped her and im like well i would of helped but you wouldnt tell anyone. and shes like no you wouldnt and all this stuff. so i start walking away and shes like i never wanna talk to you again. okay..cause you came up to me. AWSOME.

and when we were fighting before that. all i said to her was about how she was fake. i dont think i ever made fun of her bellimea.

so then my cat gets out. and haha. vals friend was like im gonan get it and eat it. and we were trying to get it and we were cracking jokes about stuff. and hes like i really dont care about whats going on or about them or something.

but dude it was so good. i really wish she would of tried to hit me. it would of been so good. but i probably would of lost my cat. and why would i want to lose sam over her...haha.

but it was so great. swimming starts monday! time to whip you kiddies into shape.
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Subject:qui est-ce?
Time:11:38 am
haha im in french also. lets see who else updated while they were in french. tia julie and jill. haha thats so great. well..i just wanted to say that. schools almost done. but next preiod i have to deal with ass flab. later.
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Subject:im afraid to admit that i like him
Time:01:18 pm
watching the first part of titanic. finally. lol. so lets see. school started. and it sucked so bad in the beginning. but now, i like it. things turned out better, as they always do. stayed over tias on tuesday i think. uh.. no band at all because of the rain. but we had a game last night. threw a cupcake at a girl. it was a good time. and then came home.

fought with courtney. told her everything i thought about her. couldnt hold it all in anymore. but its all good now. no more talking to her =) except she still has pants of mine. damn it. oh well. haha.

saw our new house. theres a lot of room for rini. so its gonna be awesome =D hopefully.
needs to be cleaned but its gonna be nice. and we have an inground pool. party soon.

tia came over and we walked around. and then went out for pizza. and now..movie. so im off.

<3 xoxo
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Current Music:happyhappyhappy
Time:03:53 pm
i've had such a good day. =))))

band soon. either it could turn out the best day ever...or the ebst day ever.

<3 oahsdoah
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Current Music:ani- imperfectly
Subject:no i misunderstood
Time:09:07 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Lunch Ladyemilytoasted
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Prom Queenno_more_tomorow
Gang Memberxosugarsweetox
Band Geekcrazibitch_07
Theatre Geekrustygun
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Loner Goth Kidcherryflavored
Class Clownpapertowaste
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found a house. that we're just gonna rent it. but oh guess where it is. across the street from the school. i now live even closer than where i lived before. how awesome. but its really nice. and i tried to call you marin. but somethings up with your phone.

sex and the city!!! !!! then sleep. !!! i love dsl!!! <<33333
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Subject:yes i traded the only player that was bigger than the game
Time:05:09 pm
i have dsl!!!!!

!!! i love it. awesome. i cant spell. fucker. can you spell that?
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Time:11:39 am
game on friday was cool. except for the beginning. but yeah whatever. family came in. it was a good time. and..band tonight. school tommrow. and hopefully work as soon as i call them.
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Current Music:beatles- acroos the universe
Subject:nothings gonna change MY world
Time:03:11 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
ohh...oh oh how today is going to be such a great day. game to williamsport. ohh man.. don't wanna say to much but..hahah.

gotta get ready. <3
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Time:11:33 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
i think the best memory of this summer was:

last night when we threw piss on my neigbors car.


school tommrow. im actually excited. =) because that means swimming starts. =))
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Current Music:cat stevens tape
Subject:i thank the moon i had the strength to stop
Time:05:47 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative
summer is almost over. over all...my summer was. just okay. it was not the best summer of my life. hah. but it was a good one. hung out with a lot of different people. went a lot of places. and.. made really good friends. sat home for a small amount. but i likes it. sometimes space is good.

i love sam too. he's the best. haha omg look at this picture.

i was moving things around. and it fell and her head broke off. thats so bad. lol.

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Subject:truth or dare.
Time:01:19 pm
fuck it. i want to talk about what i want to talk about it here. but..haha..i cant. im done with livejournal. for a while. well with this name.
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Current Music:nothing
Time:02:29 am
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
BeHappyBeFree63 : i like you
*&%#^%#%^%^$^$# : what's a good contry song that has crazy guitar in it

*Who do you think that is?
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Current Music:dc
Subject:urghabb ba
Time:12:15 pm
Current Mood:embarrassedembarrassed
I say that I want to do something, and then I do the exact opposite. Damnn it. See it was fun, but thats the ironic part of it. zsdghfjlgfg

Anyway. I need a new livejournal name. The only thing is, is that I don't know how to put all my entries in this one..to my new one. Anyone?
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Current Music:carve your heart out your....mom- dashboard
Subject:well look at me
Time:01:35 pm
i feel empty. its so weird. yesterday was such a good day. i mean the music and everything wasnt too good. but i had a fun time. but today and after i got away from band..its just weird. its like whenim at band i feel so happy (well most of the time) but then when i leave..It's like I can't get to that happy high again. How weird is that? Really? Haha. I guess thats why I'm the only one left really. Well me and Karen.

I feel odd. I don't know what I'm going to do this whole weekend. Without band. I cannot wait for the mus rides and the compitions again. Eghh..I think I'm obsessed.

I've given up on you...and you also. Fuck em'.

Swimming is going to start again soon. I seriously cannot wait any longer. A lot of people are joining which should be cool. Maybe.

Maybe I'm done. With all of it. With all of you that do it. Which is everyone. I'm sick of it. I wanted to be put into that group so that I belonged somewhere. And look which one I picked. I'm sick of it. Yeah it's great, but common. That feeling goes away. I don't know. I'm so far into that hole that I don't know if I can get back out...easily.

Maybe I'm done. I want to swim already. Damn it. I need to start stop cussing also.
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Subject:achoo no fart
Time:02:15 am
meet the band was tonight. or last454 night323. i thought it was good. 6 but no one else did.9 besidses a few3.

6969696969696969 6alright im done. la4ter
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Current Music:our show in my head...at lease it sounds good in here
Subject:buda ba bu buh da da duh
Time:10:39 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
its weird how things have changed to differently in band, but yet theres still things that are exactly the same. like the nervousness while playing and the smell of football games. iono..i just love it. and im glad i can see this all now.

its marins birthday today. lol. im so happy for her. i hope you like my gifts!

well my cat is freaking out so i better run. off to pittsburg till tuesday. <3<3

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Time:01:06 pm

MoviesCollapse )

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Subject:and and tear
Time:04:01 pm
i think i messed up. i dont know what to do.

band blows. period.

my moms moving to lake lehman. and..

i dont know. im not ready to make a decsion like this. but when are you actually ready any how.

off to band. =(
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Current Music:october sky on television
Subject:our teacher mrs. riley
Time:09:52 pm
im burnt. really bad haha. i miss my friends. and my family. im looking foward to coming home. and somewhat for band. i know..weird but its all good. i should be home on wednesday but who knows.

peace & love
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Subject:drip srip srip
Time:08:21 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
i thought that you guys were better than this. to quit like this. i know it got hard, but it couldnt of been that hard that you had to quit. we worked so hard over these past couple years, and all because we lost some ppl, that you guys give up. how could you do that to our band. its ours guys and we could do what we want with it. good or bad. and if all you guys choose for it to go downhill, then where has that gotten us. no where. after all that work. no where. how could you let yourselves do that. i think its pathetic. because i still have faith. and you all should do.
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Subject:drip drip drip
Time:08:20 pm
pick one and post a comment.

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5= I don't really care for your personality
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7= You are sexy!
8= You're a sweetheart
9= I want to get to know you
10= I hope you die
11= Marry me, PLEASE?
12= Let's makeout
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Subject:what the ----
Time:12:23 am
i think that if i had been there for the whole thing, that i could of done something. to help make it..not so bad. this is really really bad. really.
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Current Music:some stuff
Subject:i i i i dont know know know
Time:05:18 pm
Current Mood:hothungover
well i never came back from new york. me and my cousins just drove down to nc. and its been alot of fun. and some good partys. met this guy. haha.

andd...now everyone is gone and im just chillin. joe and joe got here yesterday. and goin to the beach soon. and tia. i cant say how i feel on here. but you should know how i do feel. and how much i feel about that. lol. its hard.

and i heard about band. kind of. and i cant get a hold of anyone because my phones dead and out of service because were in the middle of no where lol.

well you all seem like your having a good time. and..ppl are here so im goin.

peace & love
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Current Music:nothing much
Time:01:13 pm
Current Mood:indescribableindescribable
yes i am back. had a really good flight home. well besides the delay. then i had band today. and i didnt have to go back. yess. saw my brothers car. its so sweet. and now im sitting here watching my cat yes cat look at the letters going across the screen. i wanna do something tonight. but no one is here. or online. and im a lil tired. and i have to get a hold of..someone.iono. but tommrow im leaving for new york. and then ill be back on monday. later.
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Time:01:07 pm

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Current Music:some cd marin has in
Subject:wo wow wow wow
Time:03:01 pm
Current Mood:hyperhungover
last night was good. and its raining now.

so while i as gona a lot of things happened back home. my brother got a really hottttt car. my mom is taking a foster child in. and shes gonna be around my age. and shes gonna take my room. its crazy.

found out about riley. i heard people were crying. and that no one bitched. i wish i was there to say something. and it sucks. but..yeah.

well im out. peace.
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Current Music:ani difranco tape
Subject:i traded the only player that was bigger then the game
Time:02:37 pm
Current Mood:goodgood
that concert was fucking amazing. i loved everyone second. except when this lady tried to buy my camelbeach wrist band. crazy fun.

i love you tia. lol. we'll have to go to a dc concert soon. <3

going to see the terminal tonight. and then im gone. ill miss you all. esp. you tia.

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Current Music:television
Subject:as long as we cant sleep
Time:07:05 pm
Current Mood:highbut..not to bad anymore
ohh mann things have been good.

went on akick ass bike ride the other day. iono when it was but its not too long ago. and then yeah iono. uhhhh ha i cant remember what ive been doing. ohh and then met matt and went on a ride. uhh came back. chilled. and work. which finally ended. ughh. and then yesterday hung out. and then met tia and court and got a movie. then beef gave us a ride back since he lives next door. lol. and then nick called me. and then eric sutter and nick picked me up. went on a ride. and then played cards. and then went on a nice drive. it was a really good time. got home about..iono daylight. hah. and then went to an ortho. appt. at like 7. came back and slept until now. iono what time is it. 630? 7? iono. and then marin called me. i think she wants to do something. but iono. im too tired. and our big weekend is coming up soon. thursday were goin to camelbeach. and then dashboard and then florida. haha i have to pack im so pumped. well i might not be on for a while. i love you all.
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Time:11:31 pm
i have a really good feeling that everything will be alright.

that...that maybe this will happen.

the butterflies are back. except its better so to say.
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Current Music:102.3 The Mountain
Subject:tears in your eye that i wish i could wipe away
Time:06:01 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
band is different. but in a good different so to say.

life is good. have had some awesome awesome times already and its only june. its gonna be good. real good. florida next weekend. dashboard also. and then...fun. band tommrow and then work and then relazation and parties next week. im gonna watch a movie and lay in the air conditioning in my room. dosent that sound so good? ohh after a day like this is does.

i miss nick. anyone else? lol. iono. whatever.so confusing..but its all good i guess. later gators.
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Subject:ride it out
Time:01:06 pm
Current Mood:dorkydorky
well summer so far has been amazing. umm..slept.alot. worked a little. lotsa parties. lotsa drugs. and really good times. campout was on friday. me and tia and mae had a very swell time haha. it was fun for the most part. and then last night i went to the movies with tia and ron. ended up on the turnpike and got lost. it was actually really funny. but..didnt get home till 12.

iono what im doin tonight. i keep thinking that i have to do something. but iono what. it def dosent feel like a sunday. but its all good. later gators.

dont forget to gimem yer money for teh tickets. asap!
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Current Music:how awesome
Subject:asros the lines
Time:12:11 am

why wouldnt yo lvoei t. i love you. i gotta go. bye!bye!

heres a better one though!!

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Subject:you get nothing
Time:04:13 pm
i def have the dashboard tickets. right here.
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Subject:ulie auber
Time:10:39 am
Current Mood:boredbored
Pictures..finally.Collapse )

Picture of Dashboard tickets coming soon hahaha.

Give me your money btw.
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Current Music:tracy chapman cd
Subject:run run run away
Time:02:38 pm
Current Mood:complacentcomplacent

well fri was graduation. it was..not as bad as i thought. after..hah. nick "dropped me off" and then worked the rest of the weekend. had people over saturday. it was a good time. and then my cousin and aunt came in. and chilled with them. talked about the good old times. and how tuff my family is. and how crazy lol. it was a good time though.

was gonna go to the show at the zoo with my cousin. but..decided to not. better if i didnt. worked this morning. see i knew i wasnt going to school. but i like didnt even this about it till after work today. and im like its offically summer vacation. awesome awesome.

i cannot wait till i go to north carolina. when we go this island thing. we were talking about it. and we bring tents and sleep on the beach, and have bon fires. and we get to drive all over teh island. including myself and then get shells and go snorkling. and swimming. and we get to bring my kitten. hes gonna love it. and get lost on an island. they went there before and..its like in teh middle of he ocean. well not the middle but pretty far out there. and its like that coronna commerical. where all you see is ocean. im pumped.

i wann go swimming. later.
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Time:07:48 pm
if you want to view paradise..
simpley look around and view it
anything you wnat to
do itttt
you can change the world theres nothing
to ittt

ding ding ding
ding ding ding

freggin marin. blows ass. later.
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Current Music:tracy chapman cd
Subject:running for my life
Time:08:05 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
when class day started. i realized how much..that i didnt fit in. like honestly. and i realized how much im going to miss the seniors. like..uhh jeff. corey. carpenter. ..nicholas. like ive gotten pretty close. not like really close. but iono. wheni saw them all on stage. it was like..woahh..what now. it kinda made me sad. i hope i dont cry at graduation tommrow. i think ill suck it up. maybe. iono.

..ordered my purse!! hahahah. dude. im so stoked. lol. its this back pack/ purse from gypsy rose. and it has zillions of colors. yess...cant wait. gonna have it for dashboard. and for florida. and the beach. and new york. and..haha.everything else.

got a tracy chapman cd! hah. i love having money.

iono what else to say. but...yeah. pizzas gonna be here soon. so later!
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